Bisphenol-A Facts

Dr Frederick vom Saal, a biology professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia and one of the leading BPA researchers in the country, "believes BPA should be banned from all products that might end up passing it along to people. "If it's hard and clear and doesn't say 'No BPA,' don't use it."

In studies of laboratory animals, Vom Saal says, BPA changes play behavior, weakens gender differences, decreases sperm count, stimulates prostate cancer and causes ADHD symptoms.

"All of this is occurring at exposures in animals that lead to blood levels that I guarantee are below what are in your body," he says. "No level has ever been found in animal experiments that doesn't cause harm."

The article advises people to avoid putting polycarbonate plastic food containers in the microwave or dishwasher or putting hot food or liquid into polycarbonate plastic containers.

"Heat makes BPA leach out much faster than it does otherwise," it notes.

For Your Info
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