The Organic Waste Briquettes

The making of organic waste briquettes was such relatively simple and cheap. The organic waste has been burned before in a hole to become the charcoal. The precedent has been pounded charcoal, has been refined, and was refined in the powder. After being given by the mixture of glue (maize flour), the precedent has been printed in powder. In the process, only charcoal black ink that was generated because more quality in the production of energy. That leaves the charcoal was beaten by mild and was mixed with maize flour with 1 dose berbanding 4. Flour corn has been used by some only because the glue. After being mixed, this paste was printed in accordance with the requirement and was put in the sun to dry by drying. After being in the sun to dry until the water level has been lost, was formed on briquettes waste has been prepared with. Besides could replace kerosene, charcoal briquettes was also environmentally friendly, because containing no hazardous chemicals. This briquette was also frugal and could be on the former, namely six hours must be stirred constantly. After being used, the waste waste briquette stayed beneficial crop fertilizer.


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