Action Call: Love Indonesian Forest

Awareness of the importance of the people have rights in the control of natural resources to encourage the return of the movement of people on the management of natural resources for the sustainability of life, is the starting point of populist forest system movement in Indonesia. Underpin efforts to maintain and restore the resources of the population can develop strength of the people is very urgent to do. KpSHK Forest - Consortium of the support agreement, such as NGOs working with the vision of the realization of personal autonomy in the control and management of natural resources in a sustainable property. During the activity, KpSHK has published various publications, such as a media campaign against the populist regime of the forest as a source of life based on local wisdom and traditional.

As one of the dissemination of information, poured into an "sympathy action" with the theme of "love of forests in Indonesia", 14 February 2009 at Tugu Kujang, Bogor volunteer involving KpSHK, network support NGOs in Bogor and the involvement of the medias. The technical implementation of the action is attached in the order of events.

With this letter, we ask for NGOs, the will to contribute by providing assistance of volunteers and the publication of the institution concerned to take part in the action is nice.

Thus, a notification letter, and we present this request. Attention and cooperation, we thank you.

Contact Persons: KpSHK (62)251-8380 301
Nino (62)819-3110-1288


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